Christmas in the Square Grant Activation

Activation and Events Grant Funding Program

Sydney Olympic Park is Australia’s leading events precinct and is known for sporting, cultural, environmental and recreational visitor experiences and major events. We are now keen to build on this rich legacy to illuminate, activate and build the identity of Sydney Olympic Park through the voices and vision of the people of Sydney and the Park’s fast-growing local community.

Our EOI program is all about taking your creative ideas for activations and events and making them a reality here in the Park. To help you out, we can provide cash seed funding and value in kind use of our land. Large, medium and small ideas welcome!

Tell us how you’ll transform, illuminate, activate and enhance the identity of public places in Sydney Olympic Park with placemaking activations that can:

  • Provide durational, self-discoverable and memorable experiences for our community
  • Bring joy, colour and fun to our public spaces
  • Introduce humour and playfulness
  • Support local businesses by attracting more visitors from nearby communities
  • Spark social connections – create places to meet, connect, dine, play, rest, work, exercise and discover.
  • Strengthen community ownership and a sense of belonging in Sydney Olympic Park
  • Recreate the feeling of being relaxed and at home in the public spaces at Sydney Olympic Park
  • Connect the everyday places and spaces in the Sydney Olympic Park Town Centre and take people on a journey of discovery and adventure
  • Celebrate the Park’s Olympic and biodiversity legacies and create excitement about its future

We’re looking for ideas that will work creatively and practically while we all emerge from Covid – ideas that transform empty public spaces into vibrant public places and can be delivered within a defined budget.

Put your best foot forward and fill in the application form with as much detail as possible. If your proposal is short-listed, we’ll be in touch to discuss next steps. Even if we can’t support you with funds this time around, we’d be happy to talk with you about how we might assist with bringing your idea to life in the future.

Our Events and Activation Objectives are:

  • To encourage event producers, corporate and community partners, existing events, festivals, charities, special interest organisations and others to bring their big and small ideas for events and activations to the Park so that together we can optimise our chances of success
  • To deliver a program of events that is nationally-acclaimed and locally loved by visitors and our communities of interest
  • To enhance the visitor experience by making the Park dynamic and attractive , thereby increasing visitor growth, retention and economic development within the Park
  • To continue to be an inspirational public place that delivers world-leading, people-centric experiences that are inclusive, innovative and fun
  • To deliver regular activations and events for our 25,000 (and growing!) daily local community of residents, workers and students
  • To create memorable experiences that result in people continuing to want to come to Sydney Olympic Park and recommend that others do so as well
  • To maximize economic opportunities that can enhance and sit alongside the community opportunities, and can help to off-set and sustain those areas of the Program that are not by nature revenue-generating
  • Our EOI program is all about taking your creative ideas for events and activations and making them a reality here in the Park. To help you out, we can provide cash seed funding and value in kind use of our land

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1. Jacaranda Square

2. The Yulang

3. Pop-Up Park

4. Pullman Link Laneway

5. Stockroute Park 

6. Cathy Freeman Park

7. Olympic Boulevard