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Innovation Games Lesson Plans

Now in its fourth year, the annual Sydney Olympic Park Innovation Games is a marquee event of National Science Week, traditionally staged as a free one-day sports science expo at Cathy Freeman Park. Event restrictions meant this years Games had their own innovative twist. 

Sydney Olympic Park joined forces with representatives from Sydney Thunder, GWS Giants, Sydney Kings, NSWIS and the Australian Olympic Team to demonstrate some fun experiments bringing the sports and science worlds together. Bring Science to life in your classroom with the help of our Australian athletes for some fun and interesting experiments along with lesson plans for your Stage 2 - 3 Primary students. 


Lesson Plan: Egg Toss with Nathan McAndrew & Matthew Gilkes (Sydney Thunder)

In this episode Nathan McAndrew & Matthew Gilkes  from Sydney Thunder disocver how force, gravity and acceleration can impact an object that is launched when they throw a raw egg to each other from near and far in Cathy Freeman Park.

 Download Egg Toss lesson plan

Lesson Plan: Gear Ratios with Kaarle McCulloch (AUS)

In this episode Australian Olympic Cyclist Kaarle McCulloch demonstrates the concept of gear ratios down Olympic Boulevard.

Download Gear Ratios lesson plan


Lesson Plan: Kicking Trajectory with Rebecca Beeson (GWS GIANTS)

In this episode Rebecca Beeson from the GWS Giants demonstrates how the principals of aerodynamics and trajectory determines how the oval-shaped ball behaves in different situations in AFL.

Download Football Kick lesson plan


Lesson Plan: Sink or Float? with Sam Fricker and Brittany O'Brien (AUS/NSWIS)

In this episode NSWIS divers Brittany O’Brien and Sam Fricker discover how the density of object vs it's size/weight makes it sink or float in the diving pool at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

Download Sink or Float lesson plan




Lesson Plan: Ball Drop with Angus Glover (Sydney Kings)

In this episode Sydney Kings new recruit Angus Glover discovers how energy can be transferred from kinetic to potential by dropping 2 or more balls of different sizes simultaneously on top of one another at the Quaycentre.

Download Ball Drop lesson plan