COVID-19 UPDATE 20 October 2021: We are excited to welcome people back into the Park inline with the NSW Government COVID guidelines. During this period of transition there are still some restrictions in place. Please review our COVID-19 page for regular updates.
Parking in P1, P3 & P4 Car Parks will be free for those attending the Sydney Olympic Park Vaccination Centre's to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, until otherwise advised.
girl and boy drawing outside sydney olympic park


Learn and discover Sydney Olympic Park in a new and engaging way.

Explore the Park from the comfort of your home, enjoy nature talks, explore art exhibitions, watch our White-bellied Sea Eagles, hear from our Park Rangers, take virtual tours and more ! There are also be plenty of arts and crafts activities to keep the kids learning and entertained.

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Self Guided Tour App

Discover the many stories and experiences at Sydney Olympic Park, by visiting them yourself or explore from wherever you might be. Whether you are visiting the Park, are a resident or just curious to see what’s here, use the self-guided tours app to discover the Park at your own pace and in your own space.

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Mini Park Rangers: Trees, Leaves and Bark

Trees, leaves and bark are all unique. There are so many different features to explore like shapes, colours, sizes, textures and more! See how many different types of features you can find when exploring your local areas. Find out more about trees, leaves and bark and have a go at completing a bark rubbing! 

You might like to read some more about trees, leaves or bark in one of the following books:

  • Stuck by Oliver Jeffers
  • Only a tree knows how to be a tree by Mary Murphy
  • The Gentle Genius of Trees by Philip Bunting 

Download your Mini Park Rangers Tree, Leaves and Bark Activity Sheet

Mini Park Rangers: Blue-tongue Lizard

Blue-tongue lizards are the largest members of the skink family. They are usually brown, black and cream in colour and can be found in lots of different places including your backyard! Find out more about blue-tongue lizards and even make a lizard friendly habitat in your garden!

You might like to read some more about lizards in one of the following books:  

  •  How the Blue-Tongued Skink got his Blue Tongue by Mary Langer Thompson 
  • Pink Tongue Blue Tongue by Mark Gagiero
  • The Lizard Gag by Kirra Somerville 

Download your weekly activity sheet

Virtual Brickpit Tour

Virtually get out of the house with our guided tour of the Brickpit! Venture to the bottom of the Brickpit and learn about the history of this unique environment, which is home to the Parks famous resident, the Green and Golden Bell Frog.