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Beyond the Games Podcast

Beyond the Games looks at the 2000 Sydney Olympics 20 years on. TV host Mark Beretta delves into scenes and secrets that have never been revealed, and celebrates the innovation that has made Sydney Olympic Park a world-leader in urban transformation and sustainable development.

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Episode 01 – The man behind the ‘Best Games Ever’  (Launches 17 September)
Minister for the Games Michael Knight held the dream job responsible for delivering Sydney 2000. If it was a success that would be celebrated and shared with many, however, he knew if it wasn’t there would be one man to blame and that was him. Michael shares some incredible insights into what was involved in pulling off this incredible celebration where the world looked to Australia, and Australia shone!

Episode 02 – Raising the bar for the Paralympic Games 
Paralympic gold medallist Louise Sauvage and current Paralympian Nic Beveridge will take you on an incredibly moving and inspiring journey of their Paralympic stories and the impact of Sydney 2000 on legitimising the Paralympics.

Episode 03 – How Australia lead the world in sustainability
Romilly Madew CEO Infrastructure Australia and Sally Hamilton Executive Director of Planning and Environment at Sydney Olympic Park describe Australia’s incredible innovations to deliver the Green Games. Today the Park remains a case study for world-leadership in sustainable development.

More episodes to come