Parking in P1, P3 & P4 Car Parks will be free for those attending the Sydney Olympic Park Vaccination Centre's to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, until otherwise advised.
COVID UPDATE Wednesday 14 July 21: A number of changes have been made in Sydney Olympic Park following the NSW Government stay-at-home orders. Please review our COVID-19 page for regular updates on your area of interest and help us stop the spread.
Sydney Olympic Park - School excursion programs - Photo by James Horan

Learning & Discovery

Learn and discover the unique wildlife and environments within Sydney Olympic Park, whether you’re a student, teacher or a family looking for new and fun discoveries. From curriculum-based school programs as virtual excursion, to virtual tours of the Park, mini park ranger sessions, wildlife snapshots and more that everyone can enjoy.
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Self Guided Tour App

Discover the many stories and experiences at Sydney Olympic Park, by visiting them yourself or explore from wherever you might be. Whether you are visiting the Park, are a resident or just curious to see what’s here, use the self-guided tours app to discover the Park at your own pace and in your own space.

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Discover the Badu Mangroves

Have you explored one of our favourite areas in the Park - the Badu Mangroves? Ever wanted to know more?  This unique wetland forms the largest contiguous stand of Mangroves (Protected Marine Vegetation) along the Parramatta River and features the vulnerable Coastal Saltmarsh (an Endangered Ecological Community). Our environment team are here to teach you all about it.

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Explore the Park with Ranger Tom

Ranger Tom is back for a special school holiday episode, exploring Sydney Olympic Park. Join him in the Badu Mangroves, as he takes a deeper look into the Wildlife and Food Web in the Parklands.

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Virtual Brickpit Tour

Virtually get out of the house with our guided tour of the Brickpit! Venture to the bottom of the Brickpit and learn about the history of this unique environment, which is home to the Parks famous resident, the Green and Golden Bell Frog.

Games Legacy Tour

Relive the magic of Sydney 2000 with our Games Legacy tour. Here's a little sneak peek exploring the stories and moments that defined the games and our Park today


Habitats with Ranger Tom

Explore the hiddent habitats in Sydney Olympic Park with Ranger Tom this week. You never know what you could discover..

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Ranger Tom


Birdlife with Ranger Tom

Join Ranger Tom as he takes a look at the birdlife here at Sydney Olympic PArk

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Ranger Tom


Up Close with Ranger Tom

Join Ranger Tom as he gets up close with Beatrice his Golden Orb Weaver Spider. 

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boy peeking behind tree through magnifying glass backyard hunt

What's in Your Backyard?

Everyone’s backyard is different. Our backyard, at Sydney Olympic Park has many different species of birds, plants, trees, bugs and more! Try our fun backyard hunt to see what's hiding in your local area.

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Behind the Scenes with The Pasta House

Calling all pasta lovers! Our beloved Abattoir Blues have launched The Pasta House an authentic Italian experience for locals to enjoy from home. We go behind the scenes with them to explore their pasta making process.

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Explore the Badu Mangroves with Ranger Tom

Calling all nature lovers and outdoor explorers! Discover the Badu Mangroves with Ranger Tom, one of our education officers in Sydney Olympic Park. In this video you'll learn more about the unique wetland and the Scientific techniques used to understand and take care of the ecosystem. 

Virtual Tour: Brickpit Ring Walk

Take a quick lap around our Brickpit Ring Walk. Get a birds eye view of our brickpit, the walk is 550m long and 18m off the ground.

Stay tuned for our exclusive Virtual tour to the bottom of the Brickpit next week! 

Park Live education

Virtual Learning

We are offering the full suite of curriculum-based school programs as virtual lessons.

Excursions will be available from Kindergarten to Year 12 focused on Geography, Science, History and cross-curriculum priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History and Cultures and Sustainability. 

Schools can now choose from different Sydney Olympic Park Education packages to access resources best suited to each class or year’s needs.
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Sea Eagle Cam Live

Keep an eye on the Parks resident white bellied sea eagles with our live web cam. Our 24-hour access to the lives of nesting sea-eagles, allows us to investigate their habitat, behaviour and how we can help them survive long term.

Explore our Hidden Mangroves

From our backyard to yours, take a walk with us as we explore the beautiful Badu Mangroves precinct. This unique wetland forms the largest contiguous stand of Mangroves (Protected Marine Vegetation) along the Parramatta River and features the vulnerable Coastal Saltmarsh (an Endangered Ecological Community).

5. The Red-eared Slider Turtle’s head retracts straight back into the shell.

Cute little pet or dreaded invasive species?

Cute little pet or dreaded invasive species? The Red-eared Slider Turtle fits both bills.

Discover how the Red-eared Slider Turtle can now be found in freshwater urban wetlands across the world, where they have the ‘honour’ of being listed as one of the world’s worst invasive alien species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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The writing workshop

The Writing Workshop Goes Online

The Writing Workshop has gone online. Develop your child’s skills and enjoyment of writing, whilst having fun from the comfort of your own home!

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