Man and boy on bikes in Syndey Olympic Park

Sport and Recreation

Take a 360 virtual tour of Sydney Olympic Park, or keep your mind and body active with sport updates and inspirations from the field, plus access fun sport-inspired activities for kids to enjoy at home.

Explore the Armory with Olympic Cyclist Kaarle McCulloch

Olympic Cyclist Kaarle McCulloch is back with a walk around the Park's historic Newington Armory.

Glutes and Core with GWS Giant Matt Buntine

Grab your gym kit, GWS Giants Matt Buntine is back to put you through your paces with a glutes and core workout session.

Take a Walk in the Park with Olympic Cyclist Kaarle McCulloch

Olympic Cyclist Kaarle McCulloch takes us on one of her favourite walks in the Park at Lake Belvedere. There's plenty of walking and cycling tracks, where you can get out and about safely.

Full Body Strength with Matt Buntine

Get your blood pumping with a full body strength session with GWS Giant Matt Buntine. He'll show you a number of exercises you can do in your own home to have you feel like a professional athlete.

Stretching at home with Olympian Murray Stewart

Olympic Gold Medalist Murray Stewart takes you through a number of foam rolling and stretching exercises you can do at home to loosen your lower back muscles.

Family Zumba Class with Health Club Instructor Rachael

Get your gym kit ready and loosen those hips, we have a zumba class the whole family can enjoy with Health Club instructor Rachael.

Ab Burner with GWS Giant Matt Buntine

Let's get those Abs switched on. Train like a GWS Giant with Matt Buntine from the comfort of your own home.

Kaarle McCulloch - The Olympic Spirit

Australian sprint cyclist, Kaarle McCulloch explores Sydney Olympic Park, explaining her athletic origins and the spirit of the Olympic Games that first started her journey as an elite athlete

Arts & Crafts - How to make a gymnastics ribbon

Run, tumble and dance at home with your own gymnastics ribbon! Miss Kate is here to show you how to make your very own with a few simple items.


melissa wu australian diver on trampoline in garden

NSWIS Athlete Melissa Wu on board with High Performance at Home

Be inspired by the NSWIS Athletes who are getting on board with High Performance at Home. Also check out the latest tips & advice from the NSW Institute of Sport.

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Kevin Lisch

Staying healthy & active with Kevin Lisch

Keep fit with this home workout from Kevin Lisch, Australian professional basketball player for the Sydney Kings. No need to buy expensive equipment when you can use the kids, or items from around the house.

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Take a 360 Virtual Bike Tour of Sydney Olympic Park

Take in the sights and sounds of Sydney Olympic Park from your sofa. Our virtual bike tour will have you pedaling through Bicentennial Park, the Armory and more.

Meditation in the Mangroves

As we navigate our way through a global pandemic don't forget to take a moment out of your day to focus on your wellbeing.

Here is a minute long meditation video for you to collect your thoughts with some deep calming breaths. Inhale, exhale. 

Gymnastics Online

Sydney Olympic Park Gymnastics Club are keeping their members active with online lessons.

If you are interested in seeing more vidoes or would like to join the program, email