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Fizzics Education - Lasers! Lightwaves! illusions!

Investigate the amazing properties of light in this exciting workshop sure to blow your mind. See lasers bending and bouncing and watch holograms appear right before your eyes. Have fun with the electromagnetic spectrum as you explore the mixing of light and colours, learn how things glow and make your very own optical illusions to take home and trick your friends. This program is presented by Fizzics Education. Pair this with the morning Chemical Concoctions program for a full day of science fun!

Things to do

Fizzics Education - Curious Kids

Covering light, sound, movement, energy changes, air pressure and more as your child uses the hands-on science toys and experiments themselves.

Things to do

Fizzics Education - Lego Robotics 1

In this exciting program learn how to teach Lego Mindstorms EV3 robots to do what you wish using motors, sensors and real computer programming techniques!

Things to do

Fizzics Education - Gross and Gory Science

The Education Centre located in Bicentennial Park, will once again witness the chemistry fun behind the Kids in the Park school holiday activity Gross and Gory science. Taking place 10 July 2018.