Accessing information

Make an informal request

If the information you seek has not already been released, the Authority may be able to release it to you on request, subject to any reasonable conditions, without having to make a formal application. An informal request can be made by email or letter to the Right of Information Officer below.

As an informal application there is no application fee and any third party personal and / or Business information will be redacted from information provided. Additionally as an informal application you do not have the right to appeal the determination.

The Right of Information Officer will assess you request and determine if it can be processed as an informal application. When assessing the conditions under which your application can be processed consideration is given to:

  • information being requested
  • third Party rights
  • quantity of information being requested
  • difficulty in establishing records / information required
  • format / Access being requested.


Should your application be assessed as informal you will be required to agree to a standard set of conditions on the release of the information. This form is a web based form. The standard conditions are the information:

  • downloaded will not to be released to the media
  • downloaded will not to be placed on the World Wide Web, Intranets or any other broadcasting media
  • may be used by you for any action directly relating to your insurance, litigation and/or research requirements.


Unless directly relating to your insurance, litigation and/or research, the information provided will not be reproduced in part or whole by you without the express permission of the Authority and Unless directly relating to your insurance, litigation and/or research, the information provided may not be passed onto a third party without the express permission of the Authority.

Access to records requested under an informal application will be via one of, or a combination of, access provisions below:

  • download link
  • hardcopy
  • physical review of information by you.


Should the Right of Information Officer determine your application will need to be a formal application you will be advised to submit a formal application.

Make a formal access application

If the information you are seeking is not available on this website you have a right to formally apply for access to specific information under the Government Information (Open Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act).

You can make a formal application via the online application form.

The GIPA Act states that Agencies are only able to accept valid access applications – the online form includes all the requirements to make a valid application.

For your application to be a valid application, it must:

  • be in writing sent to or lodged at an office of the agency concerned or via the online form
  • clearly indicate that it is an access application made under this Act
  • be accompanied by a fee of $30
  • state a postal or email address as the address for correspondence in connection with the application, and
  • include such information as is reasonably necessary to enable the government information applied for to be identified.


As a formal application:

  • processing timeframes are mandated
  • all third parties referenced or relating to the information are to be consulted
  • all third parties have a right of appeal
  • you have a right of appeal
  • processing fees of $30.00 per hour (after the initial hour) can be charged and
  • an advanced deposit of the processing fee may be requested.


If your application is deemed invalid we will let you know and assist you in submitting a valid application. All notifications will include a statement of the reason why the application is not a valid access application  (including reference to the relevant provisions of this Act), and:

  • if a reason is non-payment of the required application fee, invite you to pay the fee
  • if a reason is failure to provide required information, invite you to provide the information and
  • notify you of the right of review under Part 5 that applies in relation to a decision that an application is not a valid access application.


We will provide advice and assistance, so far as it would be reasonable to expect us to do so, to assist you to provide such information as may be necessary to enable you to make a valid access application.

You are entitled to a refund of any application fee that accompanied an invalid access application (unless the application subsequently becomes valid).

The processing times for a valid application are set under the GIPA Act. Notification of decision within 20 working days (the decision period) after we receive your application unless an extension is applicable for one of the following reasons (to a maximum extension of 15 working days for any particular access application):

  • consultation with another person is required under a provision of the GIPA Act
  • records are required to be retrieved from a records archive
  • further extension of the decision period should the GIPA Regulations apply; extension by agreement with you.


We will advise you of the date on which the extended decision period will end within 5 working days after the decision period is extended.

Additional information on Formal Access Applications, Fees and Charges and Review of Decisions is available on the Privacy and Information Commission NSW website.

Requests for CCTV footage

Members of the public may request CCTV footage by making a Formal GIPA Access Application or by subpoena.

All Formal GIPA Access Applications received for CCTV footage will be assessed in accordance with the Authority’s CCTV Protocol and the GIPA Act (including Division 2 Public interest considerations).

Footage may not be provided under the GIPA Act in certain circumstances, including where release of:

  1. CCTV footage is not in the public interest
  2. footage is for purposes other than as described in the CCTV Protocol and
  3. CCTV footage may breach the Personal and Privacy Information Protection Act (PPIPA).


All requests for footage made by law enforcement, national security, emergency services or any other government body whose core function is state and / or national security are to be made to our Operations Division via Manager, Precinct Coordinator or General Manager, Operations.

Contact for GIPA and Operations Division is 02 9714 7300.

Information that is not available in response to an access application

Although an access application may be made for all other government information held by the Authority, the Authority will not release information if there is an overriding public interest against the disclosure of the information as defined in the Government Information (Open Access) Act 2009.


If you cannot find the information you are seeking you can contact:

Right to Information Officer
Sydney Olympic Park Authority
5 Olympic Boulevard
Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
Phone 02 9714 7300 or email us.