Master Plan

The Master Plan is a comprehensive plan guiding the long-term development of Sydney Olympic Park.

Master Plan 2030

Master Plan 2030 is a comprehensive plan guiding the long-term development of Sydney Olympic Park. We review this Plan every five years to ensure it remains relevant as required by NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure.

Sydney Olympic Park hosted the “best Games ever” and is considered the world-leading example of successful Olympic legacy. The Park will continue to be a major event destination, enhance our environmental and recreational value and provide ongoing support to the development of community and elite sports.

In its next stage of development, Sydney Olympic Park has an important role to play to support the Greater Sydney Commission’s Three Cities approach and has been identified as a “lifestyle” precinct within Greater Parramatta and the Olympic Peninsula.

Master Plan 2030 (Interim Metro Review) is a plan for the revitalisation of Sydney Olympic Park with a vibrant new town centre, educational facilities, shopping precinct, new homes, more jobs, increased open space, increased community facilities and facilitation of a new Metro station. It will enable Sydney Olympic Park to continue to deliver outstanding social, economic and environmental benefits for the people of Sydney and NSW. Major transport infrastructure projects will support the evolution of the precinct and enhance Sydney Olympic Park’s role as a premier destination for cultural, entertainment, recreation and sporting events.

Access to Sydney Olympic Park will be improved and travel times to and from the Sydney and Parramatta CBDs reduced by Sydney Metro West.  Sydney Olympic Park will also be serviced by Stage 2 of Parramatta Light Rail, which will greatly improve access to the Park for residents living in Parramatta and areas north of the Parramatta River.

The Master Plan 2030 (Interim Metro Review) outlines changes to the built form and street network in the area in the Central Precinct of Sydney Olympic Park, which is directly impacted by the new metro station. This includes :

  • Amendments to the planning controls to integrate the Sydney Metro West station into the Central Precinct;
  • Integration of a pedestrian plaza from Olympic Boulevard to the metro station;
  • Location of the bus interchange on Figtree Drive for seamless access through to the Metro station entrances;
  • Refinement of the street hierarchy to provide pedestrian through sites links to the Metro station;
  • Integration and connection of a new Central Urban Park to the Abattoir Precinct;
  • Amendments to the building height controls and other planning controls as necessary.

2050 Vision and Strategy

Few urban parklands in Australia are endowed with the potential of Sydney Olympic Park.

It’s a suburb that benefits from scale, CBD proximity and national significance, all of which have played an important role in its evolution since hosting the 2000 Olympic Games. As the 640-hectare site continues to evolve into thriving neighbourhoods, it will reconnect with its Wangal roots and natural assets to provide a meaningful connection to Country.

This vision & strategy serves as a roadmap that will inform decision-making for the next three decades of its life, guiding Sydney Olympic Park Authority and its partners to deliver on the ambitious 2050 Vision to transform the Park into a place that is a home, workplace and playground for thousands of Sydneysiders.

In 2050, Sydney Olympic Park will be a highly-connected series of diverse neighbourhoods and experiences. Many will live and work in this multi-faceted suburb, others will visit – for events, for its diverse attractions or for everyday retail and neighbourhood needs. Sydney Olympic Park’s diverse communities will each experience the Park differently. It’s what makes it a complex and thriving place.

Our vision for 2050

What we heard

A compelling vision is one that reflects collective ambitions, that is why the development of the Sydney Olympic Park 2050 Vision and Strategy has been engagement-led.

Community and stakeholder consultation was undertaken between September 2021 and November 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic and resultant lockdowns and risk mitigation measures meant that many of the engagement activities and events that were originally intended to be done in-person and at Sydney Olympic Park were held online session. One event – the visioning workshop – was held in-person at Sydney Olympic Park, and brought together a diverse range of Sydney Olympic Park’s stakeholders to discuss opportunities for future directions.

Community and stakeholder engagement

Paradigm shift

The realisation of this vision for Sydney Olympic Park in 2050 requires a series of paradigm shifts in how it is thought of as a place, how it is planned for into the future and the step change in how it operates today.

2050 vision - paradigm shift

Strategic Place Framework

The Strategic Place Framework (Draft for Discussion) forms the strategic planning basis of the Master Plan. The Place Framework starts to identify where in Sydney Olympic Park the aspirations in the Vision will be realised on the ground. This work is then developed into precinct controls in the Master Plan 2050.

The NSW Government's commitment to Sydney Metro West and specifically a station at Sydney Olympic Park, is the biggest investment in the suburb since the Sydney 2000 Games. This welcome addition of a metro station will bring forward development and be the catalyst for the delivery of more housing and jobs in the geographic heart of Sydney.

Around 28,650 residents are forecast to be living in Sydney Olympic Park by 2050. This is a significant increase from today’s residential population of 3,700. Master Plan 2050 will leverage this investment in Sydney Metro West to reimagine Sydney Olympic Park as a place that provides more housing, greater affordability, and a connected and livable suburb that is adaptive and resilient to our changing climate.

This Place Framework is a draft document to further conversations with the community and stakeholders. It includes aspirational targets, future moves and innovative strategies for delivery and aims to challenge perceptions and long-held ideas about Sydney Olympic Park.

In 2050, Sydney Olympic Park will be a complex layered suburb offering a rich and varied range of experiences. Many will live and work here, others will visit for events, diverse attractions or for everyday retail and entertainment. Sydney Olympic Park will be a thriving suburb in the heart of Sydney.

Big moves

The paradigm shift to realise Sydney Olympic Park’s vision will be delivered through a series of “big moves” proposed for Master Plan 2050 that will have the greatest social, economic and environmental impact for future generations.

  1. More housing, greater affordability
  2. An active high street and public domain
  3. Facilities for a growing community
  4. Awakening the Armory
  5. Unlocking spaces for the community
  6. Restoring Boundary Creek
  7. Haslams conservation and recreation
  8. Connection over the train station
  9. More places, less parking
  10. Nature positive, carbon positive

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