Pets in the Park

Enjoy quality time with your pets at Sydney Olympic Park.

Dogs in the Park

Dogs play an important part in the lives of residents and visitors to Sydney Olympic Park and are very welcome to enjoy the open spaces and Parklands with their responsible owners.

We ask dog owners and professional walkers to be considerate of the environment and visitors with a few key points:

  • Ensure the dog is registered and identifiable with a microchip and collar with a tag.
  • Always keep the dog on a leash (unless in a designated off-leash area).
  • Only walk between 1 to 4 dogs at one time.
  • Always maintain effective control of the dog.
  • Pick up the dog’s droppings and dispose of it in a rubbish bin.
  • Restrain the dog from swimming or paddling in ponds, lakes, water play or water features.
  • Observe signage to ensure the dog is not walking in areas where dogs are restricted from being in.
  • Report any roaming dogs to Sydney Olympic Park Authority Park Rangers on 0408 864 798 so lost dogs can be returned to their owners.
  • Owners should comply with the signposted 'no dogs' areas that are protecting sensitive habitats for local wildlife.
  • Dogs must be kept on sealed pathways and away from wildlife habitats such as long grass, bushland, ponds, creeks and wetlands

Off-leash areas

You may let your dog run free in our off-leash area behind P5 Car Park, Hill Road. If you know that your dog is not friendly toward people or other dogs, we request that you do not use the off-leash area, and that you maintain a safe distance from all other dogs and people

  • Other local off-leash areas are located at:
  • Pierre De Coubertin Dog Park, Ave of Oceania, Newington
  • Mcllwaine Park, Concord Road, Rhodes (before 9am and after 5pm only)
  • Powells Creek Reserve, Conway Avenue, North Strathfield.

Cats in the Park

Please note: Cats are prohibited from roaming in the Park.

Pets in the Park

Natural habitats in the parklands

Certain areas of the parklands remain dog-free for the preservation of thehabitats. These include, Badu Mangroves, the Brickpit Ring Walk, Newington Armory, and areas within the Narawang Wetland.
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Pets in the Park

Explore dog-friendly zones

Discover the designated areas where dogs are welcome and those where they are not permitted by downloading this map.
Explore dog-friendly zones