Changing places

Explore Sydney Olympic Park with your year 9 and 10 students to discover our changing community.

Monday - Friday, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Wentworth Common Park, Marjorie Jackson Parkway

$625 per class of up to 30 students

4 hours

Bus drop-off area at Wentworth Common Park, Marjorie Jackson Parkway, Sydney Olympic Park. The bus pickup point is Cathy Freeman Park, Olympic Boulevard. All-day bus parking in P10f Bicentennial Park.

If you wish to book 5 classes or more for this Urban based excursion, email us at

2024 Education Bookings Closed

Thank you for your support, we are fully booked for Terms 1 and 2, 2024.  We will no longer be delivering school excursion programs due to changes in our organisation.

About the excursion

Year 9 and 10 students can journey through the Sydney Olympic Park urban centre and parklands to shed new light on our changing community and learn about our management and planning for the future.

Students will gain first-hand insights into the environmental, social and economic sustainability principles that underpin the growth of our Park (Australia’s largest urban renewal project). 

Activities include

  • Fieldwork activities include drawing a field sketch and conducting an urban sustainability survey
  • Compare current and historic photographs, interpret and label photographs
  • Make and record observations of the surrounding work, living and green spaces in relation to liveability.
  • Interpret trends in population data
  • As a post-excursion activity, the students can rise to the challenge of designing their own sustainable township in today's increasingly urbanised world.

Syllabus information and learning outcomes

  • Stage 5 Changing Places
  • GE5-2, GE5-3, GE5-5, GE5-7, GE5-8

Key inquiry questions

  • How does urbanisation change environments and places?
  • What strategies are used to manage environmental change in urban places to enhance sustainability?

Learning content

  • Causes and consequences of urbanisation & Australia’s urban future.