Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions when hiring a space at Sydney Olympic Park.


Hirers do not have unrestricted access to facilities such as barbeques, car parks, paths, playgrounds and toilets. Events and picnics must not interfere with the general use of the public facilities.


Hirers must use the name "Sydney Olympic Park" in all references to the location and address of the event, including any advertising or promotion of this event.


Hirers are strictly prohibited from selling alcohol at the site. Private consumption of alcohol is permitted at the site but must strictly observe the Responsible Service of Alcohol practices in New South Wales. Alcohol must not be served to minors.

Cancellation and wet weather policy

Sydney Olympic Park Authority reserves the right to cancel any site hire if circumstances prior to or during the event may result in issues of safety or damage to property.

An event can be postponed within 12 months of the original date of the hire of the site by contacting the Bookings and Sales Team, 7 days prior to a booking.

In the case of a cancellation due to wet weather the Duty Ranger must be notified on Mobile: 0408 864 798 prior to 9:00 am on the day of the event & an email should be sent to sitehire@sopa.nsw.gov.au

Please be aware that a refund cannot be made and Sydney Olympic Park Authority may cancel a site hire if the hirer has not made payment in full by the due date.

Cleaning and signage

Any litter, signage or equipment caused by the site hirer must be cleaned/rectified at the conclusion of the event; this includes balloons and streamers. Confetti, bio confetti, rice and flower petals are not permitted at any site.


Repair costs for any damage caused as a direct result of any event will be claimed by Sydney Olympic Park Authority. Park Rangers will conduct condition reports pre and post-event.

Fires and BBQs

Wood-burning fires are not permitted however portable barbeques are allowed. In the event of a total fire ban, only electric barbeques can be utilised. Charcoal or heat beads from portable barbeques must be disposed in the correctly marked bins. Disposal on lawn or garden beds is not permitted.

First aid

Parklands Rangers and Visitor Centre staff can assist with first aid. Organisers of larger events should discuss first aid and similar risk management issues with the Site Hire Coordinator.

Flora and fauna

Participants in any event or picnic must not interfere with flora or fauna; this includes the feeding of fish or birds and the picking or damage to plants. No birds, butterflies or other animals may be released. Ponds and areas of long grass at Wentworth Common are wildlife protection areas and are not to be entered. No signs or other materials may be attached to black shade cloth frog fencing surrounding the site.


The hirer and its agents, guests, employees, contractors, or subcontractors, will indemnify and keep the Authority indemnified against any loss or damage to the property of the Authority (including existing property in, about or adjacent to the site) and against any legal liability for injury, death or damage to property of others arising from its occupation or its agents, guests, employees, contractors or subcontractors occupation of the site or activities under the agreement except to the extent that same is caused by the wilful or negligent act of Sydney Olympic Park Authority, 


Amplified noise must be kept to a minimum so as to not disturb other park users. The level of amplified noise must not exceed 5dBA above the ambient background noise, a legal requirement of the EPA.


It is the responsibility of the applicant, to ensure that payments are paid in full prior to the due date. SOPA may cancel any site hire in the event that payment has not been made in full by the due date.

Public liability

On acceptance of the booking, the hirer is to hold or take out and ensure that every contractor and subcontractor engaged to work at the site, holds or takes out (in respect of any workers working at the site) an insurance policy covering Worker Compensation in the State of NSW. A Public Liability insurance policy, for an amount of no less than ten million dollars ($10,000,000) or such other amount as may be specified by the Authority, for any single occurrence. The Liability insurance policy shall:

  • Cover the hirer and the Authority for their respective rights and interests.
  • Be affected with an insurer and in terms approved by the Authority, which approvals shall not be unreasonably withheld.


As part of the site hire agreement, hirers and participants must comply with the reasonable directions of Sydney Olympic Park Authority staff or Rangers. Dedicated Rangers incur a fee (please refer to current fees and charges) to oversee correct installation of; Commercial Catering Suppliers, Commercial Amusements and Commercial Marquees.

School picnics and cross country events

A map must be supplied to indicate positions of marshaling areas on a cross-country route. Marshals are responsible for policing participant behaviour and minimising conflicts with other park users. Participants must be fully supervised. The ratio of participants to teachers/carers must not exceed 20:1 (Preschool-Year 2) and 30:1 (Years 3-12).

Team-based sporting activities

The hirer must ensure a buffer zone of 10 meters between the activity and other park users to ensure protection and safety of other park users. The hirer must comply with the direction of Sydney Olympic Park Authority Security or Rangers. Rangers will monitor the conduct of events to assess compliance with conditions of approval and impacts on other park users.

Trading terms

Sydney Olympic Park Authority reserves the right to decline event applications, to adjust or vary terms and conditions of trade, and to apply bonds. Event fees and bonds are payable in advance. Fees are GST inclusive unless otherwise specified.


No commercial mobile vendors are allowed on site without a separate and additional approval. This includes ice cream vans and coffee vendors.


Structures greater than 3m x 3m require separate approval and must follow all guidelines and requirements set by Sydney Olympic Park. An engineers certificate upon erection must be provided as per guidelines to Sydney Olympic Park staff.  A $50 fee is applicable for each add on including: Commercial Catering Supplier, Commercial Amusement and Commercial Marquee Installation (for structures larger than 3m x 3m).

Any structure that requires the penetration of the ground, such as pegs for marquees, requires prior consultation with the Site hire Coordinator to ensure there is no damage to the irrigation system. The approved location for your structure will be indicated with a map. The structure must not be moved from this location unless Authority staff has granted permission. Ground stabilisation pegs can cause damage to the irrigation system. Structures must not be erected without a Sydney Olympic Park Authority Park Ranger being contacted on the day prior to erection of the Temporary Structure.  

A dedicated ranger fee (please refer to current fees and charges) is applicable with any Commercial Catering Booking, Commercial Amusement or Marquee Installation – this oversees the correct and safe installation of the above.

All Events must be carried out in accordance with the current Sydney Olympic Park Authority’s Publication: Safety Guidelines for Organisers of Events being Held within Sydney Olympic Park.

Vehicle access

Motorised vehicles are only permitted on public roads and car parks unless prior arrangements to access lawns or footpaths have been made as part of the site hire agreement. Permission will usually only be granted to vehicles carrying equipment for site setup. Vehicles approved to access the site along pathways, before, during or after an event, may only do so if escorted by Sydney Olympic Park Authority staff or Security Rangers and must display a Sydney Olympic Park Authority service vehicle permit if remaining on site. Vendors, caterers and vehicles carrying equipment for site set-up are to contact the Park Rangers on 0408 864 798 to arrange for a suitable meeting place to have an escort no less than half an hour before arriving on site. Maximum of 4 escorts per booking will be supplied. Guest and service vehicles that are parked contrary to marked parking may incur infringement notices/penalties. Drivers of authorised vehicles accessing service pathways or mown grass must be accompanied by a Ranger, display a valid Sydney Olympic Park Authority service vehicle pass, travel at a speed suited to the conditions and level of public activity and below 10kph, use flashing hazard lights, give way to pedestrians and cyclists, park so as to not block pathways, not drive, park, damage or turn on areas of unmown grass; turf, landscaping or other park assets or lock gates and bollards.


Sites booked exclusively for weddings include: Arc of Pines and Treillage Tower Area, recommended capacities are detailed online. Numbers of participants is restricted to 30 for the Jetty. Amplified sound is not permitted at the Jetty and Belvedere, unless prior approval has been sought from Sydney Olympic Park Authority and has been made as part of the site hire agreement. Generally, any such approval will be restricted to low-level tape recordings or similar that will minimize disturbance to wildlife. Site hire for weddings may include the parking of vehicles in non-designated areas. Permission will usually only be granted to vehicles carrying equipment for site setup or vehicles carrying the bridal party. Confetti, bio confetti, rice and flower petals are not permitted at any site. No structures are permitted at the ‘Arc of Pines’ site and supply and installation of seating is to be limited to 80.

Wedding photography

Wedding photography not affiliated with a site hire booking must apply for a permit online. Wedding photography is permitted in any public area of the Parklands, including the visitor zone of Newington Armory (turf and hard stand areas only; maximum of 20 persons). Wedding photography permits must be available upon request to any Sydney Olympic Park Authority Staff or Security Ranger.


The hirer must avoid or minimise disturbance to other park visitors and damage or disturbance to vegetation, wildlife, and park assets.


Sydney Olympic Park Authority is a NSW Government agency that sits within the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure.

We are committed to the protection of member’s privacy and personal information. Your privacy is protected under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. Personal information may only be disclosed in accordance with the exemptions provided under the Act.

We will only use the personal details you voluntarily provide us for administration purposes related to the facility or service for which it is being completed and when we communicate information to you regarding any of the Park's facilities, programs, services or promotions that are deemed appropriate to your interests and needs and which may enhance your use of the Park.

Any personal information that you provide to the Sydney Olympic Park Authority (5 Olympic Boulevard, NSW 2127) will be held in a database shared with the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure. You have the right to access and correct the information.

We will not make your personal information available to any third party except for the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure unless it is necessary as part of the provision of this product or service.