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Discover our range of school excursions for primary and secondary school students. 

2024 Education Bookings Closed

Thank you for your support, we are fully booked for Terms 1 and 2, 2024.  We will no longer be delivering school excursion programs due to changes in our organisation.

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Image of a boardwalk through at wetland

Take your Year 12 Geography students into the largest stand of mangroves on the Parramatta River.

Image of a green tree

Students will investigate the largest stand of mangroves on the Parramatta River

Students sitting around a wetland listening to a teacher

Challenges of an urban wetland: Students will examine the pressures of a highly urbanised wetland ecosystem.

Students listening to instructor

Explore Sydney Olympic Park with your year 9 and 10 students to discover our changing community.

Images of students holding a petri dish and dropper

Students will examine some of the organisms living in the wetlands and the adaptations these organisms have.

Image of students sitting under shelter listening to an instructor

Students will explore the many creatures living in the natural environments of Bicentennial Park.

Students testing PH levels of water

Discover the landscape and landforms of Parramatta River's largest stand of protected coastal wetland mangroves.

Student looking at a sample of water

Students will immerse themselves in the natural world by stepping into the shoes of a mangrove ecologist.

A mixture of shells, pine cones and other natural material

Students will immerse themselves in the habitats of the local and international waterbirds and shorebirds

Images of two students holding magnifying glasses

This field trip explores the Park’s special features to help students understand the concept of ‘environment'.

Students walking along pathway

Students will learn how to assess the liveability of Sydney Olympic Park.

Image of students standing outside listening to instructor

Stage 2 students will explore the lifecycle of and the unique features of living things.