Sydney Wetland Institute

Connecting wetland science and practice through sharing knowledge.


The Sydney Wetland Institute (SWI) is a knowledge hub for best practice in urban wetlands. It provides a focal point for managers, researchers, students, public and the sector as a trusted centre for knowledge and networks relating to urban wetlands in Australia and the rest of Asia-Pacific. It aims to formalise linkages across capacity building activities offered at Sydney Olympic Park and elsewhere to create a recognisable and reliable body for urban wetland education, industry research, community engagement and partnerships.

SWI is an extension of Sydney Olympic Park’s field-based school excursion programs (offered for over 30 years) and Wetland Education and Training (WET) programs delivered for wetland professionals over the last 20 years. SWI also aims to coordinate Technical Tours and Citizen Science activities whilst facilitating further research.

Advisory panel

The following group of wetland academics, professionals and practitioners help to guide the direction of the Institute’s programs and activities:

Panel members:

  • Emeritus Prof Colin Field - UTS, Panel Chairperson
  • Associate Prof Cameron Webb - NSW Department of Med Entomology
  • Ms Geraldene (Mia) Dalby-Ball - Kingfisher Urban Ecology & Wetlands
  • Dr Joanne Ling - NSW Department of Planning Industry & Environment
  • Adjunct Prof Max Finlayson - Charles Sturt University
  • Mr Mike Bartlett - Sydney Olympic Park Authority
  • Prof Neil Saintilan - Macquarie University
  • Mr Rob Williams  - DPI - Fisheries
  • Dr Swapan Paul - Sydney Olympic Park Authority
  • Nell Graham - Parramatta River Catchment Group
  • Danny Wiecek - NSW Department of Planning Industry & Environment
  • Jasmine Payget - Parramatta River Catchment Group 

Workbook for Managing Urban Wetlands in Australia

Sydney Olympic Park Authority is pleased to publish this eBook entitled, Workbook for Managing Urban Wetlands in Australia. This eBook is a distillation and distribution of the contents, partnership, collaboration and research comprising the Wetland Education and Training (WET) program at Sydney Olympic Park.

It is both a culmination and celebration of the WET Program, which has been developed and delivered by the Authority for over 10 years. The eBook has 5 sections and 28 chapters, which have been contributed by eminent wetland scientists, practising ecologists and dedicated professionals.

The chapters contain useful hands-on information about managing both freshwater and estuarine wetlands in urban Australia. Enjoy reading this eBook and making a difference in the wetland that you care for. Also, encourage your peers to access this eBook and make use of it.

Happy reading!

Dr Swapan Paul, Editor and Wetlands Manager, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

WET eBook