Parklands uses and developments

Role of the parklands plan of management

All use and development of the ‘parklands’ of Sydney Olympic Park is subject to the relevant provisions of the statutory Parklands Plan of Management (2010).  

Parklands land boundaries
Parklands plan of management (2010)


This document sets out the public access and land use regime for the different parts of the Parklands and provides a management framework that identifies the purpose of each place and the constraints or conditions that apply to the uses and other activities permitted therein, to protect their values. 

Use of the parklands

The Parklands Plan of Management identifies a number of parklands uses as either ‘restricted’ or ‘prohibited’ activities. 

‘Restricted Public Uses’ require written approval from the Authority in the form of a Parklands Approval Permit, and the use must be undertaken in strict compliance with any conditions specified in the Permit.  They are typically uses that the Authority has identified as having a high likelihood of impacting on safety, care and/or experience of visitors, and/or the presentation and function of assets and/or the integrity of flora and fauna communities within the Parklands.  Examples include fun runs, commercial activities, scientific studies, and entertainment events.

‘Prohibited Public Uses’ are those uses that have been identified by the Authority as being unsafe and/or offensive and/or damaging to the place and/or incompatible with other activities and/or otherwise inconsistent with the purpose for which the Parklands have been reserved.  Such activities cannot be approved or permitted. 

Development within the parklands

Any development within the Parklands must be:

  • consistent with the objects and functions of the Sydney Olympic Park Authority concerning the Parklands as set out in Sections 28 and 29 of the Sydney Olympic Park Authority Act 2001, (in addition to any development consent requirements under the relevant environmental planning instrument)
  • explicitly authorised by the Parklands Plan of Management or otherwise (upon informed assessment) be found to be consistent with all relevant provisions of the Public Use Regime and Scheme of Operations as it applies to the relevant category of land. 

Where development consent is issued, associated uses and activities still require a Parklands Approval Permit to be issued under the Parklands Plan of Management. Notwithstanding the terms and conditions of a development consent, any conditions of a Parklands Approval Permit that are more stringent than those in the development consent will take precedence.

Applying for a Parklands Approval Permit

Persons seeking approval for a ‘Restricted Public Use’ are encouraged to discuss the proposal with the Authority prior to lodging a Parklands Approval Permit Application Form.