On track for a new adventure

Haslams Pump Track

Riders and thrill seekers, gear up!

Sydney Olympic Park Authority, in collaboration with the Department of Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure, has recently taken a significant step towards enhancing our community's recreational spaces. We have awarded the contract for the design and construction of the new Sydney Olympic Park Pump Track to Common Ground, a seasoned expert in pump track development.

A new place to play

This development is part of the NSW Government's Places to Play program, a strategic initiative aimed at investing in recreational spaces that promote health, well-being, and community connection. The new pump track will provide a unique and dynamic recreational experience for enthusiasts of cycling, skateboarding, and scooting.

Common Ground has over a decade of industry experience completing fantastic pump tracks, like those in Harvey Park in Marayong, New South Wales, and the Coldstream Station Pump Track in Victoria. Their expertise in master planning, design, and construction of pump tracks ensures that the new facility will be a state-of-the-art addition to our community.

We’re listening

In January, Common Ground participated in a co-design workshop involving various stakeholder organizations. The goal was to gather feedback and suggestions on the preliminary site concept plan. This collaborative approach resulted in almost 2000 online views and 79 new idea contributions,  which have been evaluated and considered in the track design process and future project stages. Key suggestions included:

  • Separate sections for different skill levels to accommodate everyone from beginners to advanced riders. 
  • Acknowledge First Nations cultural heritage through art and colours. Shade and seating for comfort and relaxation.
  • Bike fixing stations for convenient repairs and maintenance.
  • Free parking to facilitate easier access and increase usage.
  • An accessible path and track experiences, ensuring inclusivity for all.


We're thrilled to welcome this new, inclusive outdoor play space to Sydney Olympic Park. It's not just a development project; it's a community-building initiative that promises to enhance the recreational offerings for both seasoned riders and everyday visitors.

As the project progresses, we invite you to stay engaged and look forward to further updates.