Gymnastics Recreation Grading Day

Grading days will take place this year on Sunday 21 July and Sunday 1 December 2024. You will see all our students learning routines throughout the term for their grading day.

Grading Day Registration

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Frequently asked questions

How grading works

Students are graded on each skill in their routines; each skill will be scored from one to five, five being the highest possible score to achieve.

Students that achieve step five's will have completed the recreational stepping stone program and will receive a note offering them a position in one of our pre-competitive programs.

What if my child forgets their routine?

Students who forget their routine at the grading will have the help of our coaches and senior students with their routines without any marks being deducted from them.

What to wear

We ask all students to wear a leotard or tight singlet top and tights or swimmers if possible, as we should be able to clearly see students’ shapes.

Where do I go for grading?

Grading is at Quaycentre. We ask that students wait with parents on level two on the landing area in front of the café.

What do I bring?

Students only need to bring a drink bottle. If it is cold, students can also bring a small blanket with them.

What time will my child need to attend?

Times for your child’s grading will be provided after all entries have been received. Entries will close 5pm on Sunday 30 June and times will be released from Wednesday 10 July.

I missed the entry closing date

Unfortunately, we cannot take entries after the closing date. Our planning of session times is precise to ensure smooth running of the event. If we were to accept a late entry, all sessions’ time would need to be changed and this is just not feasible for the coaching team to start the planning process from scratch again.

I cannot make the grading day

Due to coach availability, you will need to wait until the next grading day. These are held each term.

My child has not been at Gymnastics for long. Should I enter my child?

Yes, what a great way to monitor your child’s progress!

Can I film or take photos of my child during grading?

Unfortunately, no.

If time allows, we are happy for parents to come onto the floor after grading to take a picture of their child, with no other children in the background of the photo.