two dogs walking on lead

Living with Wildlife

The Park is home to many creatures great and small, and our community plays an important role in keeping the Park and it's wildlife thriving. Take a look at ways you can help us look after the Park whilst enjoying and making the most of your visits.

bush turkey in the park

Australian Bush Turkey

Find out about the Park's new residents - bush turkeys and how they play an important role in nature.


Australian Bush Turkeys

two dogs walking on lead

Dogs off Lead

Dogs play an important part in the lives of residents and visitors to the Park and are welcome to enjoy the open spaces and Parklands with their responsible owners. Follow these key points to ensure you are staying considerate of the environment and visitors when visiting the Park with dogs.

Dogs in the Park

birds feeding babies

Feeding Birds

Find out why we recommend avoiding feeding birds in the Park and how doing so helps nature and also the health of our wild bird population.

Bird Feeding Is It Right For You

snake in the park

Living with Snakes

Find out about how snakes play a vital role in many ecosystems, from forests, woodlands, deserts to the ocean and how you can stay snake safe.

Living with Snakes

magpie feeding baby magpie

Swooping Magpies

Birds that swoop are not common and this behavior usually only occurs in spring, when birds are nesting or have newly-hatched chicks to protect. Many species swoop, including Noisy Miners, Masked Lapwings and Butcherbirds for example, but the most notorious species is the Australian Magpie

Swooping Magpies