Personal training and group fitness class


$45 per hour



Terms and conditions
Session times

Daylight savings
10:00am - 7:30pm

Non-daylight savings
10:00am - 4:30pm

The Parklands offer different outdoor options for your next personal training session or group fitness class.

There are a number of suitable locations that may suit your needs, close to parking, amenities and with shade. All applicants must have valid Public Liability Insurance and provide details of what they will be conducting in the space.

Simply complete an enquiry form if you are interested in applying for a permit, and we will contact you.

Please note: Your permit does not include the exclusive use of the area, pavilions or barbeques. These must be booked separately. If engaging any commercial suppliers separate application must be made prior to purchasing a permit and additional fees will apply. When booking, please indicate your location preference in the ‘comments’ section. Public Liability insurance certificate must be provided to Park Rangers or Security if requested. Terms and Conditions of Booking apply.