Car park attendant helping customers at Sydney Olympic Park Photo by Paul K Robbins


I have been charged more than once on my credit card for parking, how do I get a refund?

Contact our office on 02 9714 7077 or email us at with evidence of the duplicate transaction. After we investigate, we may authorise your bank to refund the disputed transaction.

How long does it take to leave the car park?

When busy and everyone wants to leave at once, it can take in excess of 1 hour to exit car parks.

It is sometimes better to park at a car park further from your event to get home quicker.

We appreciate your patience.

My event's been cancelled - how do I arrange my pre-book parking refund?

Please reply to your pre-booked parking confirmation email and state in the body of the email that you would like a refund due to [name of event] being cancelled.

What's the height clearance of the car parks?

P2, P4, P5 & P6 are open air car parks.
P1 clearance – 2 metres
P3 clearance – 2.1 metres
P8 clearance – 2.1 metres

Where do I park my motorbike?

We have free motorbike parking:

  • on Herb Elliott Avenue
  • inside P1 Car Park (before the boom gates)
  • bay at P6 Car Park, off Australia Ave.

Fees apply if you enter a car park.

Can I leave my car overnight and collect the following day? Does this cost more than one full day payment?

You can leave your car overnight. 

A full day’s parking fee starts from time you enter the car park e.g. you can enter at 3pm, Saturday 12 March, and stay until 2.59pm, Sunday 13 March.


I forgot to pre-book parking for tonight's event. What now?

The pre-book parking system closes at 11.59pm the day before an event.

Casual parking is generally available during large events.

When you arrive please follow signs for available parking.

You can also catch public transport with some tickets including free bus and/or train travel. Visit Transport for NSW for details.

What if car parks have reached capacity?

If you did not pre-book your parking, we recommend that you park near one of the train stations or bus stops shown on the map and use public transport to enter Sydney Olympic Park.

Increased services are generally arranged by Transport for NSW on event days. For the most up-to-date public transport information visit or call 131 500.

Why can't I read or print my pre-book parking ticket?

You may need to update your Adobe software by visiting Adobe.

What is a major event?

We charge a flat fee of $30 for parking when there are large or multiple events making parking at a premium.

I'm a bus driver - where do I drop passengers and park the bus?

We have plenty of spaces in Coach Pod C off Edwin Flack Avenue, near ANZ Stadium and Qudos Bank Arena. Please fill in the bus and coach parking form.

Access is from Uhrig Road via Carter Street or use  bus and coach approach route map 

Pre-book bus parking is only available for major events at $55.

For more information, call us on 02 9714 7077 or email us.


What if I ignore parking signs and time limits?

If you park outside a marked bay or ignore parking signs, you may be fined. 

We are a designated Restricted Parking Area.


How can I arrange long term parking?

Please call 02 9714 7077 for all long term parking enquiries.

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