P1 Car Park road lights at Sydney Olympic Park Photo by Paul K Robbins


Guarantee your spot

Pre-Book Parking


Pre-booked parking is strongly encouraged to avoid queues post event and ensure social distancing measures. Book now to get our $20 flat discounted rate. If you are unable to pre-book your parking, pay from the safety of your own vehicle via Tap n Go facilities at the car park exit gates.


As a result of COVID-19 restrictions our regular car park shuttle bus services is currently not in operation for events. Should you require the shuttle bus service, please contact us prior to your visit to confirm whether or not a limited service will be in operation during major events for people with mobility needs.

Which car park?

Look at our map to see which car park is best for you.

Check the walking distances to your event or the height clearances for our car parks.

P2, P4, P5 and P6 Car Parks offer open-air parking for higher-than-average vehicles.

Handy tip: Choosing a car park further away from your event may assist you in avoiding congestion on the roads when everyone leaves at once after an event.

Arrive early so you don’t miss your event. We have lots of great restaurants and bars at the Park and in the venues.


We have over 400 accessible car spaces – please remember to clearly display your Mobility Parking Permit.

Have any parking questions? Head to our Frequently Asked Questions.



Please select the roads highlighted on the map for more details

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